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If you have been searching for the JustHost review that can help you in knowing what exactly it is and whether you should go for it or not, you have come to the right place. To begin with, JustHost is a young web hosting company and is truly great for the ones who are looking for affordable and beginner-friendly company. So, it is quite apparent that this company is excellent, especially for the beginners. You will find that with easily usable site-builder, cPanel, free domain as well as humble and polite customer staff, JustHost is pretty descent hosting company.

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Rising popularity and customers


If you see a range of reviews and charts that depict anything about the hosting companies, you will find out that JustHost is one of the most popular hosting companies with considerably rising number of customers. Also, it has been found out that this is the only hosting company with a lot of reviews, which also include the negative ones. It means that JustHost is considered seriously and so, people are writing about its positive and negative aspects, which gives you wisdom to judge the company yourself.

Cheapest web hosting company

The reason JustHost is making all news in the web hosting industry, despite being a young company, is because of its cheapest price, which attracts a lot of customers, especially the amateurs! Its unbeatable price, i.e., $5.95 for two years and $4.95/mo for three years, is considered the cheapest in the industry, especially if you compare it with other big names of web hosting companies. JustHost is therefore a lucrative deal and owners of small to medium business as well as fresh bloggers find it especially tempting!

Easy installation of popular apps

JustHost offers absolutely convenient and simple installation of all popular apps that you might require. Basically, it offers one-click installation of applications like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress as well as several other useful applications. Also, it offers you site builder facility, which is again very simple and easy-to-use. This is specifically great for the beginners because they can create their site easily with this tool!

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cPanel at unbeatable price!

When you compare JustHost with other companies, you will know why this is popular? Perhaps there is no other web hosting company that will offer you great control panel, i.e., cPanel at such a price. It is truly unbelievable how JustHost manages!

In a nutshell

You would perhaps think that JustHost does not have any negative points. Well, to be honest, with all the aforementioned benefits, you also get 10% usage limit of resource, which is the only disadvantage for this company. Otherwise, it is a great company that is especially wonderful for the beginners.